Stage 3 8600 tuning question

I have a 2019 spark and I’m only reaching 8190 rpms. With the 8600 tune should I be getting more towards 8600 rpms? And if so any ideas why I’m not?

Impeller is likely too tall to hit those RPMs and needs to be pitch tuned to get the additional rotations

Ok I have a 12/14 should I have it pitched to 12/15 then?

Other way. What altitude are you and what top speed are you seeing?

750ish seeing 53 up river and 55-56 down river. It’s hard to tell truly what im at since I ride on a river mostly

Well you could fine tune and try to find some additional RPMs, but if it were my Spark and it’s not for racing, I’d likely leave it exactly where it is. You’re hitting mid 50s and RPMs aren’t getting too high. If you do try to fine tune it, compress 1mm at a time…you might only need 1mm out to hit 8400.