Super charger question


A question for PWC Muscle. I have super charger that locked up, It’s a Seadoo 2008 RXT 255. shaft is slightly off center do to the bearing failure. Thrust washers and etc all still in tact. Wondered, if i sent in for rebuild if the housing could messed up making it not able to rebuild. The bearings are loose inside, can see them. PLEASE ADVISE!


Hi Kenny, I believe we spoke on the phone earlier, but for the sake of the thread, I’d say post pictures. Nearly all superchargers can be rebuilt unless the failure is so sever that the housing is destroyed.


For the thread, I had pwcmuscle rebuild the super charger. The wheel got messed up a little so I got another from you as well. Was also told that everything was still with the super charger. It was good to hear that. Anyway, what kind of oil do you recommend using? I’m sure I’m behind the time on this question. Seems to be a lot of debate. Regular 10w 40 oil or the BRP XPS synthetic blend. It had the blend in it when the charger bearing went bad.


I always go for the xps blend. There are other suitable oils, but this is all I run in my seadoos.


Ok, thank you, that is what I was thinking. After i get the super charger back on and start running the pwc, is there a break in period or certain way to drive it for a period of time?


As long as it has idled long enough to warm up, you are good to go.


It’s been a while since I responded. I wanted give a plug for PWCMUSCLE who rebuilt my super charger. I got the ski up and running again and the super charger works great. With my schedule it was a while before I could get to it and make sure no debris got through the engine. I kinda cheated a little. I pulled the scavage oil pump because I was concern about the bearing retainers and that fact it had a SBT kit supposedly installed before the bearing went out at 60 hours. Any way I installed 2 high powered magnets on the outside of the scavage pump using JB weld. Started engine for very brief times. Pulled the pump and repeated this process until I collected all the debris. Later stages rev motor and checked again. Magnets are staying on to catch anything if anything happens if the super charger craps out again. Not impressed with Seadoos design, a set up for failure.


I was told everything was with the super charger when it got rebuilt. I just knew that I could see a ground up bearing and no bearing retainers. Collected all the fines, bearing retainer pieces and a bearing. During this process kept pulling oil out each time I pulled the pump, inspecting, and checking oil filter as well. Each interval ski ran very briefly. Oil and pump have stayed clean and as it is ran I’ll stop and check it again until I’m happy. So far looking good.


As I stated the magnets are staying on the pump as I don’t trust the way this super charger and so on are set up. Got a grinder of gears and so on right below it, and the super charger will fail at some point. Not sure I’ll keep the ski, don’t trust this at all.


I used to run the xps blend on original 215 sc, but now run Amsoil 10w40 Marine full synthetic on the new x-charger.


how has this oil been working for you


The Amsoil 10w40 Marine full synthetic has been working “Great” with my new “x-charger”. I used to have a very slight valve train noise at cold startup before with the SeaDoo xps blend that is now gone with the Amsoil.


They say it’s not great because the supercharger clutch can slip more. What is your boost number at