Supercharger exhaust won't pull back


05 215 sea doo gtx have everything loose have rebuild svc paid for to pwc muscle and I can’t get exhaust to come back more than 1/4 inch even tried tire tool but thought I would poke a hole in water box. have rubber strap off considering cutting what looks like a zip tie but I can’t see the ends of it
not sure what to do next but take unnecessary things loose



Hey Clint, just to be clear, the pipe that connects to the exhaust manifold is separated, correct?


trying to get it off v band clamp is loose
top and bottom rubber hose off and
rubber strap at back off


moves about a 1/4 inch back and will rotate within 30 degrees or so just no coming off


Ok so I’m guessing the j pipe is stuck where it attaches at the intake manifold (under the clamp). Any movement is just the hose flexing. Try a mallet to get them separated.


will comply thx
will get it off one way or another just not what the video shows
loosen v band two water lines and wiggle
Im not a woose either lol


You can also use something like pbblaster to help loosen


Lol I got ya


thx for responding have a good day