Supercharger reinstall


Hello, I just got my supercharger back from you guy and trying to reinstall. It there support to be three flat washers between the supercharger and the engine? Am I support to use some grease on the sprocket? How much torque am I support to tight the three bolts to? I’ve read that it support to be 89 foot of torque per bolt but when I did that. It feel like either the bolt is bottom out so I broke one of the bolt. Please HELP


WOW! Huge NO on the torque spec…maybe in in/lbs. It’s 9nm, which is about as tight as you can get it using no leverage and just wrist strength.

If you had the washers glued into place by us, then yes. This is for the older style supercharger housings to make up the gap for the newer style rebuild kits. No grease needed on the gear.


Doing the rebuild on my own with a kit purchased from you. Will I need washers in between the supercharger and the engine? If so, what size? Thanks!


Hi Rich, The instructions in the kit will explain what is needed for you.