Supercharger swarmed ! Help


I did a home rebuild (before I realized the rebuild service was available). Now the gear end bearing has disintegrated scattering debris throughout the engine. How far down must I disassemble the engine to be sure It’s all removed?


Arkie, hopefully you didn’t run your engine for long after the issue. Here is a link with what you need to know:


So, loose ball bearings and their retainer must be treated just as ceramic washers?
Can I post a picture of damaged supercharger here to see if it’s still rebuildable/ suitable for a core?

Can you supply me with all necessary seals, Orings, gaskets to do the complete tear down?


Yes, all of our OEM replacement parts are available on You can also use that website as a guide with the parts diagrams.

And yes, if they fell into the engine, they should be treated the same way in terms of retrieving them. They’ll end up at the same place. Feel free to post the pics and I’ll let you know. Most of the time the bearing failures result in a touchdown, where the impeller makes contact with the housing, so you’ll want to look inside there as well


How about I pay my money, send the SC in, and you diagnose? I’m going to need one, either way.

Also I’d very much appreciate it if you worked up the necessary parts list and a price for them as well.


Ok, just pay for the supercharger rebuild service and send it in.

For a parts list, we wont really know until you start digging in. Can start documenting what is damaged or needs replacing and ordering up parts from there.


Thanks. I’ll try to get SC started your way this week.


Will these need replaced? There appears to be no scarring between rotors & vanes


Hard to tell how deep those marks go. Too deep and itll cavitate and not push the oil. If it were my engine, I’d replace anything with scoring


Believe I’ll lay it on a flat surface on varying grits of sandpaper and see if I can surface grind them off. Worked on a lot of less than perfect surfaces in the past.


OK, just make sure that you dont end up making a pocket where the depths don’t match.


OK, the pump “lid” smoothed out great. Problem is, I hadn’t realized the inner surface of the PTO cover has more serious scoring. I don’t even see it priced on Sea-Doo Warehouse site. Best place to find a good used one? Or an machine shop capable of build-up and resurface?


I’d look used on ebay or facebook. New is around $500. I’m not sure if a machine shop will be able to nail the stock clearances without an example in hand


How does one go about removing oil pump/water pump shaft? What retains it, and keeps the plastic Impeller in place


I guess, after careful consideration, this is a 14 year old machine with 260 hours. I’m gonna clean out all the shrapnel I can find, put her back together and run until she swarms. In that case, I’ll go find another one under 5 grand and keep this one for parts. Just don’t see putting any more money into this engine without a total rebuild. And don’t see a fully rebuild engine in a 14 year old machine.


Sorry was out of town the past week.

Seems like you have a plan. If you ever get stuck, you can always check out the manuals on for guidance.


Oteker clamps? I’ve owned a clamping tool for years. Can I buy them instead of the listed worm gear clamps?