Supercharger t clamps


First time poster, I just bought a 2008 speedster with 9 hrs on it . this is my 4 speedster 2nd 4-TECH PWC received my SC on Monday for the rebuild service waiting to here back on the status . Ok couple of things first on your site I can not find the 3 T clamps to fit the supercharger hoses I thought it was on here that you sell them if so I would like to add them to my return ship. Second where does it say 100 or 2 yrs rebuild on the SC.

The boat dealer I bought if from said the previous owner had all services done every year since new , so I paid top dollar for it thinking they where being truthful with a 5 star rating . well so far everything Ive looked at so far seems they where not and fed me a load crap. They keep saying it is on the hours on motor not yrs old.

So I’m going through everything and changing all the fluids that can , I did test drive the boat and it ran great with 10 yr old oil and antifreeze and grease in the pump cone along with ceramic clutch washers. what a gamble that was.


Hi Shawn,
The tclamps were an option to select while purchasing the rebuild service. Did you already purchase the service?

The 100 or 2 year was in the owner’s guide for service frequency.

There are always a lot of BSers, but more often you have those who look fondly with blinders on at their own boat. Always inspect what you expect. Hope you got a great purchase in the long run, though. Those Speedster certainly are fun and with maintenance can be reliable for a while to come.