The Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX

The Kawasaki Jet Ski Ultra 310LX, the most powerful of the brand has a Deep-V hull for greater stability in turbulent waters. This seems like a giant racer. Any experienced users out there with comments?

All the Kawis are great in chop, there is something with the DEEP V that corners and rides chop well

You can ask the pro’s they’ll tell you how they learn which each craft turns and rides like.

I had seadoos for the longest time until the new 300 kawis came out. It does feel like a knife at certain times. Ive had sponsons too low and it just rips me off the boat.

i own a ultra 300 and a ultra 250 both has had the impellers changed to solas racing ones ,personally i wouldn’t own any thing but a kal ,very fast and stable what i like is the 21 gal tanks so no need to carry extra fuel on back of ski .

Welcome to the forum. Did you buy both skis new? What mods have you done?

NO but both only had like 30hrs on them on the 07 i replaced the pump shaft and bearings with the 011 model up grades the 07 through 010 had serious problems with pump bearing failure if the bearings failed it destroyed your engine i talk to one guy who had to replace 3 engines but it was under warranty you would think kawasaki would have found and corrected the problem before 011 on the 012 just like 07 i replaced the impellers with solas racing ones they make one hell of a difference .worth every penny ,

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