The most untalked about doo ... gtr 215 2016

Hey fellas !
Ok ill start with this
2016 gtr 215
Mods .
Flowthru (non thru hull loud enough as it is )
14/19a impeller in the mail should get it soon
Diy air intake (short one in engine bay)
Thinking about intake grate but i love being able to power slide and have fun with my doo’
The tune is lined up to be done once i get my impeller to ramp it up to 8450 , advance timing , unlock gps , better fuel mapping …

Now … i read the 2016 already has the 42 lbs injectors
And over the winter id like to … basicly upgrade my supercharger to create more power … so i know theres the … just get a x charger option and drop it in since i already have the 42lbs injectors …
But what im wondering is … if i wanted to basicly frankenstein my existing supercharger is it possible …
Whats the cheapest option if there isnt any … well maybe ill just go big with the xx aupercharger 137 wheel even bigger injectors , intercooler etc

Another question … if i upgrade my supercharger for bigger power will i need to upgrade the intercooler to a fizzle absolutely or … will it still deliver without … no one talks about the sleepers … but atm my buddy’s 300x 2018 takes off in front lf me and just stays there he doesnt really run away from me … but hes cutting at 72mph and im locked at 68-69 i mean i already love the machine as it is and dont wanna ruin it but … hey what man doesnt want a little more ! Lol

You can get the ET 127 wheel for your SC and get mor boost than the x Charger but the X have the size to house an ET 137 in the future since it’s bigger, It also flows more air due to the size compeard to the 215 SC. I got the X charger on a 215. Go X charger.

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So my stock 215 charger will hold a 127 wheel ? But if i get the x i could upgrade to a 137 later on !?


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Right on man ! Thanks !

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So a little update … got my impeller today 14/19a …
To the least … disappointment would be the word … i feel the gtr is heavyer … didnt feel much of a performance budge at all … and my top speed … id say 1km/h less steady , still hit the 109 km/h but have to push it longuer now … but … my rpm still goes to 7740 and i dont skip or cutoff to the redline on take off so i am moving more water … just … i just hope thst the tune will help that … i think i need the better mapping for this impeller … even tho i have air intake / catch can and flowthru … im kinda tied down now … so i hope this just makes sense to all of you … and i hope the tune would help me get that extra 1-2 mph

the 14/19 will work with the x-charger or the ET127 and if you ad an external IC even better, with the stock SC 14/17 will be what you need, But you can try and pitch the 14/19

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Definitely need to get a little more power in there. The tune should make a difference, but this package is pretty standard for those making the GTR215 really perform.

Well im
Gonna get the tune next week the tuner is saying and hopefully
It helps … … soooo i just hope it works decent … hahaha dont wanna open the supercharger atm ! And dont wanna go back to stock impeller before the end of season
So should be close to a stage one once this is complete. Then yeah et 127 for sure … and intercooler and intake bracket … to a minimum

And thanks guys ! You guys rock im just trying to do the minimal for the most gains atm … winter will be the big spending time not now:p

I’d definitely recommend X Charger over the ET127.

What tuner are you going with? Nice thing about our MapTuner packages is that once you have a license, you can retune the ski unlimited times. So you can install a tune for your setup now, then upgrade in the winter and retune for those mods without any downtime or expense.

Hey joe ! I know u like the riva stufd but here in canada its a pain in the ass duty etc … we go with a tuner that plugs into the ecu and plays witht the timing / fire/ gaz / air / rpm limits / speed restrictioj removal etc … hes well known and did lots of doo’s
One thing tho id like to know what pointers i should give him for a safe reliable tune upgrade z untill i jam a bigger charger in there !

What do you guys think of ribbon delete on a 215 … worth it ?

I beleve the 215 dosen’t have the ribbon because it’s located in the spot as the internal intercooler

Hmm … as i can see it its in the plastic air intake behind the sensor … but nothing showinf for info abojt the 215 … … i can see the 12-15 has it and the 16-20 230 … sooo it makes it hard for me to believe theres none in 16 -215

Yeahhh i think your right tim !
Gonna have tk do that external intercooler i guess :confused:

So tune finally installed … so what we tuned is basicly … timing / fuel etc …
Now my issue is … i am getting about 113 kmh(canada eh ) witch is a 4km/h increase … but im only running at 7760rpm … could it be that the solas impeller is too aggresive and i cant turn my extra unlocked rpm .??? Cause now it cuts off at 8400 thats when i spin is out of water and she hits redline … (titanium retainers and springs are installed no worries ) now my main thing is … should i go back to stock impeller to be able to get those extra rpm’s or stick with the solas 14/19a … (ive been feeling that i lost rpm’s since i had this installed even prior tune )

So i cheked my stock impeller … and its seams to me its a lowered pitch 13/18 cause im mesuring 12/17 on every plate ! Checked all 4 and im getting the same 12/ 16.5-17 degrees

I had the same happen to my 215 rxt, 7820 rpm and 113kmh with 14/17 solas. Did you get an external IC? And maybe fix the bolt holes in the ride plate? All about getting just the right power and reduce drag so it will make those last rpms. I think the oem impeller might give you the limiter too soon with this setup.What kind of air intake are you running? recomend the kanalflex 4 inch , the 3 inch riva are nice but the 4 inch gives you even more and there really are a big difference between the two, and a huge difference compeard to stock, The short intake can cause some issues with air temp, relocate it to the front to get cooler air also. Done the intake grate?