Upgrading SeaDoo 215hp to 260hp and more

If you’re looking to increase the power of your 215 Sea-Doo, these are the parts to get it done right. Starting with the X-Charger, injectors (if needed), and external intercooler (Fizzle F1000). We recommend adding a fuel pressure regulator at this point. From there, adding a tune will put you over 260hp.

We also offer an ET137 wheel, which can be installed on the XCharger for HUGE boost gains.

All parts are available through PWCMuscle.com
XCharger + Injectors
Fizzle F1000 Intercooler
ET137 Wheel

This video goes a long way for anyone looking to upgrade their 215.

Well now. If I would of seen this a few months ago I may of gotten the RXP instead of the Spark. Price was about the same and the RXP would of been besting after these mods.

Great video Joe and thank you for your support of the Fizzle brand. Your customers won’t be disappointed!

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The Bosch 50lb injectors were provided with this kit (with et137 wheel). However, I’m told that the Siemens ECU in my 2010 rxt 215 doesn’t like the Bosch injectors. Incompatible drivers. Any word on this?

Hey Joe

I like forums and all, but we spend more time getting opinions rather than factual yes or no’s . I am sooo digital about not wasting time or effort on misinformation, that I would rather have my teeth pulled (lol) :crazy_face:

That being said, I have been getting conflicting information on some S.C. specs and hope you can clear them up for me … I am currently running a 2013 GTR215 and building my own Stage 4 pack (I call it the GTR xXx) , but I saved the S.C. upgrade, cam, and oversized valves/head work to the very end . Everything else is bulletproof.

(1) Since the stock S.C. rear housing on my year/model is the same as the 260’s (guess BRP got lazy), are all the 127,137,140 wheels “drop in”. I suspect the 137 may be, but not sure about the 68-140 LE kit (w/front 260 housing)?

(2) Compared to the Current OEM SC rebuild package, do the Riva type clutch and spring washers offer better reliability, functionality and/or peace of mind, as compared to those in the OEM rebuild kit?

(3) I hear some, mentioning about the inadequate circulation of oil getting back to the SC components parts, washers, etc… Some are pushing PTO modifications for better oil return … Was this ever an issue to contend with on the later model ski’s, like 2012 and up?

(4) And what is this “Hoo-Haw” about “Maintenance Free” S.C’s on the 300s? Name me one thing in this world that isn’t needing maintenance at one point or another. The 300’s have been around for 5 years now, so I would suspect this statement would be in the time-frame for being challenged … Does maintenance free mean you don’t need to maintain it, just replace it when it is scheduled to blow-up on its own, sometime after 200+ hours? … I mean, is there something in the bearing/washer design etc. that is superior to the other S.Cs, and if so, why are these newer/more effective components not integrated in to the OEM rebuild kits for other S.Cs? … Clarification Please.

PS: My sponsons are CKR anodized Aluminum Billet on RXP-X 300 OEM spacers (bullet proof).

Thanks much Joe!


Graphics look great! We can do that seat for you as well through Hydro Turf, just customize on pwcmuscle.com

  1. Rear housing may be the same (137mm milling), but the front housing is different. You’ll need a front housing for a 260, which can be sourced on our oem site seadoowarehouse.com. If you’re going 68-140, it needs to be machined anyway so you can use your stock housings.

  2. No.

  3. Oiling will always be an issue since there isn’t a dedicated high pressure oil feed. Regular maintenance is the best solution.

  4. Youre correct. “Maintenance Free” really means “Replace vs maintain.” They’re now a replacement item not meant to be rebuilt…so it’s maintenance-free because you have to buy a new one. Thank the marketing department for that gem. One thing, they went with different components that are beefier and they do seem to hold up better. Also, they are balancing them as an assembly which helps reduce vibrations. Those vibrations break apart bearings. The housing is different and the components can’t be cross fit…however you can modify your PTO housing and install a 300 supercharger on your current engine. I’d actually recommend this route over the 68-140 if you have the dedication to accomplish it.