What the hell are these on the bottom of my NEW Wake Pro?

I inspected my brand new Wake Pro 230 - 2017 which I just bought 20 days ago and noticed (2) of these holes / indents in the GelCoat towards the front of the Wake Pro, completely parallel to each other. Same place on each side of the hull, at the same exact parallel and position on each side? What are these? Should they be exposed like this? and apparent like this… Are these hydrodynamic problems? problems with the hull?? something moving in the hull form??? I have a 5 year warranty on this unit, should I take it back??? In my eye and opinion these are obviously from the formation and/or assembly of the hull. Anyone else seen these??? I have 9 hours on the Wake Pro. Not a scratch on the machine… thanks… Hal

I wasnt sure so had to reach out. Per SeaDoo, was told this is left from the manufacturing process and will not be any issue. Thanks to Tampa Bay Powersports for helping on this one.


Thanks a million! I thought I somehow popped 2 uniform holes in my Wake Pro!!!

No worries!