Which solas prop do I need

Hi I have a Seadoo GTR 215 2016. It has had a reflash. I was recommended by Solas to get a SRZ-CD 14/19 Impeller but it has done nothing for my top end speed. I was after an improvement on acceleration and top end speed. My ski was doing 109KPH with the stock prop, It now has better bottom end but only does 108KPH after the reflash and solas prop install (did them both at the same time). I was expecting a 7 - 10 KPH improvement but got nothing. I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia so I am at sea level. I have since been advised that I should have bought a 13/18 prop. Is this true, did I get a bum steer from solas? Any help would be appreciated.

The low number is for Hole shot or take off and the upper number is for top end speed.
If you haven’t changed the RPM at all then it would be hard for me to see you gain up to 10kph from just changing the impeller.
A 13/18 would give you better take off and acceleration but wouldn’t give you a higher top speed as I think you would actually get a slower top speed by a couple K ?
Have you increased the Skis HP in any way other than a tune ?
Even if your reflash has allowed your engine to rev higher than standard but no improvement in HP then you need to see if your Ski is reaching the red line ?
I think I got this correct from information given to me in the past, I am sure some one will correct anything I may have said incorrectly :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for your reply, I am just going by what the guy told me who did the ECU changes (and he has a good reputation around here). The ski now revs a bit higher from 8,000 to 8,250 rpm but my question is. If the Solas prop on a standard ski will give it 3-5 kph increase alone without the ECU upgrade. I surely should have had that at least so How and why is my ski not going any faster - that is my concern. I have also recently had my supercharger done with my 200hour service as recommended so it is not that it is slipping at high rpm. I just feel like a fool believing people who are supposed to be in the know and showing me nothing after shelling out nearly $1000. ($500 for the reflash and $450 for the prop)

I’d definitely recommend an air intake as well…they respond well to that.

You should have seen a few KPH more, but that isn’t traditionally a super fast hull for top speed. How many total hours do you have on your ski?

have 250 hours now

No need to feel a fool for listening to a so called expert, I am sure we have all at least once or twice in our lives listened to some one to our detriment.
I am an expert in three fields and can say I still can make mistakes, as expert only means you are trained in a field and know more than an amateur, expert doesn’t mean you know everything in that field :slight_smile: I still learn something new every week in each of my expertise and probably forget 2 or 3 more that have gone out of use.
You may be an expert in Two Stroke and worked on Skis for a person for many years and then if that person buys a newer model 4 stroke that same expert may no longer be the one to take your Ski to :).
I went from 2 stroke Poles to a Yamaha 4 stroke FX-SHO and went from being able to do my own maintenance easily and only got my mechanic to do major work as I didn’t have the time working full time.
Now I get the servicing done by a different mechanic as my original mechanic is great for two strokes, but hasn’t a clue nor the gear required for my SHO.
An Impeller is only about $350 and usually as long as you don’t buy one requiring high boost SC wheel and Fuel injector replacements as well as a high performance tune, you can sell them pretty quick with little loss, at least that had been my experience, although it really depends what your financial situation is, $350 with a loss of $50 to me is neither here nor there as I went through three Impellers on my Pole Skis till I found the best one for my needs.
105 seems pretty slow for a SC Ski ? My Ski with just a few simple mods like Ribbon delete, Sports Air Filter, Sports IC, Sports Exhaust and Extra cooling addon as well as a Blow off valve now does 64MPH with my Son and I onboard and I weigh 120KG.
I am also going to change my Impeller to a Solas as well as get the Stainless steel pump housing at the same time.
It’s very easy to spend $1000 on a Ski as I have spent over $2000 just doing those few things myself as all those mods were simple to do and so I saved a few dollars on Mechanic hourly rates.
Soon I plan to change the Water Box to a performance one and change the SC wheel to a slightly higher Boost one nothing over the top just increases the Ski to 250hp or a little more and then I will probably need a tune to suit the wheel and water box, this will cost me about $2500 and will be all I will ever need to do to my Ski, the Impeller may add a couple extra dollars as I may need to play with a couple if the advice I was given was incorrect, $50 to $200 loss is not a huge amount considering how much I used to spend on my Cars back in the day :slight_smile:

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Thank you Gardum for your knowledge and explanation. I will see when I get a bit more financial if I want to throw some more $$$ at my ski. I hope you all out there have a very Merry Christmas, and stay safe

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