X supercharger and 42lb injector kit


Will the xcharger and 42lb Injectors just swap out for my stock supercharger and injectors on my 2007 seadoo challenger 180?


You might need an adapter for the injector wiring. Get the adapter on ebay if the plugs do not match. They are cheap


Hey thanks for the advice and direction


I got the injectors the connectors fit but we’re just a lil bit shorter make any difference ? Started fine




there’s no difference they are Bosch and they work better you will find out they plug right in to fuel rail


When running these new injectors do I need a new fuel regulator? or will they still have enough fuel charge in the rail?


Thanks … contemplating the fizzle 1000 intercooler in my challenger 180 seen the install on a wave runner could this be mounted on the back of engine compartment where the coolant tank in ?


I have a 2006 Rxp 215 when I replaced intercooler that was one of best mods I did the old intercooler was a little bigger than a pop can


Also if you buy from Joe or Greg at PWC Muscle they will go out of there way to make sure you are satisfied . And they are a big help with tech support if they do not know how they will find someone who does. I just know they helped me a alot


Thanks a lot got the fizzle just waiting to install


I know I had to take this goofy air box out of my ski . I ended up pitching it because that is where the fizzle mounted it ran so much better . That air box was a pain to get out .


I have plenty of room as I have the challenger 180 boat just mounting will be a chore lol


This fuckin boat keeps overheating at high rpms even after stage 2 tune … shoulda left it stock !


You need to ask riva to tune with more fuel, or add the rrfpr. Not a big chore, just get more fuel in and you’ll be good


You are going to probably have to buy RRFPR for it . Email Jesus Garcia at Riva he answers his e mails . Joe has it