Yamaha GP1800 Build Series - by PWCMuscle.com


We are very excited to announce a new build series with the brand new Yamaha GP1800. All of the parts for this build series are available on our online store at PWCMuscle.com.

Big ‘thank you’ to Yamaha-Motor.com for making this build series possible.

We look forward to more updates soon!

Teaser Video

Intro Video

Riva MaptunerX Install

Solas Impeller Install

Air Intake and Ribbon Delete

Fizzle Y1000

Test Results


This is going to be a great build! I’m excited to see the speed and acceleration data you find as the build goes along. I’ll be checking in often.


We are extremely excited about this one. Huge shout out to Yamaha for making this one possible!


Hey Guys, Sorry it’s been a little while since posting in here. Been a busy couple months. Got married, honeymoon, Christmas…etc.

We have our static runs and tune runs logged and will be posting that information soon. One thing we had to sort out was getting our GPS and Accelerometer re-calibrated, which should be all set now. This coming week we’ll be doing our run with the impeller installed as well as making our videos for the previous runs and impeller install.

Timing the weather has been tricky as we need to be within a certain range so it doesn’t heavily affect the result.

Hang in there; it’s all going to be well worth the wait!


Finally, some numbers for you all!

Now just to recap how we do this:
10 runs total (5 in each direction).
We remove the top and bottom 2 runs, average the rest.

Time is in seconds, distance in feet. This shows both stock and after we installed a tune.

So we can see with just the tune we’ve already gained 33 feet after 5 seconds, and accelerate from 0-60 nearly a full second faster.


For top speed after the tune we got a 75.4mph 2-way average.


Very interesting results. Looks like there is a lot of potential here. Is this with the Riva tune?


Yep, was a Riva tune found below. We decided to use their library for this build.


Solas Impeller install video for our GP1800. Will post the test results this weekend!


Solas numbers are in. Now first thing to note is that we went with a taller impeller than we’d recommend for a stock setup. Since we are continuing to modify, this impeller will be more appropriate further into our build series. That is why we’ll see a very small improvement in 0-60, but slightly slower 0-30, 0-15.

If we had unlimited time and budget we’d show you what a 13/18 and other impellers would do. I expect you’ll see about 1/3 second 0-60 improvement and probably an additional couple miles per hour as well.

2-way Top Speed: 76.6 mph

RIVA Yamaha GP1800 Stage 1+ Kit (RY-RPM-GP18-1.5)

Fresh off the cutting room floor, the newest video of our build series. Here we show you how to install an air filter and ribbon delete from the GP1800. Both parts are available on PWCMuscle.com:
RIVA Power Filter Kit for GP1800
Riva Yamaha Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit


Latest performance results from our intake install and ribbon delete. You can see the acceleration is quite a bit improved…about 10% gain. Our 2-way top speed for the runs were 76.8 MPH. This is low by about 5 or so MPH due to the extra tall impeller we have in there, the 13/20 vs using a 13/18. There is also some notable cavitation right on initial acceleration. Not sure how much time this is costing us, but the next mods should clear it up.


Why not test the 13/18? You are going a lot slower than you should be. What are RPMs?


first post been lurking but i want to see this too


Heh ok, ok. Going to put on the 13/18 and do some runs. Not reinstalling stock intake, but it’ll at least show the speed differences with the better pitch.


Short video showing how to install the RY19040-12-EBUK engine breather kit. A catch can and engine breather are must have items on supercharged skis.


Just shot the video for installed a tune on the Yamaha GP1800. Easy process. You can get the tune on PWCMuscle.com: http://www.pwcmuscle.com/riva-v-tech-maptuner-x-tune-yamaha-sho-svho-bundle.html


Sweet! When can we expect some results?


Sometime next week.


Quick update…The cold weather that came through has kept us from being able to test but as soon as it warms I’ll get those results up. In the mean time we have some result videos that will be posted soon for the previous runs.