Yamaha GP1800R and GPS Module

I have a Yamaha GPS 1800R with Riva’s Stage 1 installed. I currently rely on the speedometer app on my iphone or the GPS information on my GoPro camera for speed since the paddles wheel is so inaccurate. I understand CandooPro makes a GPS module that works with the ski.

Questions: Is it accurate? Is it worth it?


Very accurate, and worth it IMO.

Someone from PWCMuscle said will not work with 2019 GP1800R. Some change Yamaha made to the ECS.

Ah yes, for 2019 there was a change made that made it based on RPM instead of the paddle wheel. Stupid, stupid move by Yamaha. Unfortunately there isn’t a fix for that at this time.

I just ordered the GPS module for my GP 1800R. Are you saying it won’t work?

Sorry for the delay. Yes, this is correct…it will not work.

I received the gps unit and contacted CanDoo directly. They said it DOES work with the GP1800R. However, it does not work with models that use the new touchscreen clusters such as the FX Cruiser, which apparently don’t use paddlewheels for speed. In other words, if your ski uses a paddle wheel for speed sensing, it will work.
I installed it in my GP1800R, and it works perfectly.

Awesome, great to hear. We had conflicting information and glad they got it sorted out.