Your Experience Advertising


Have you ever sold your jet ski through a classified ad? If so, how did it go for you? Are there loads of people out there who give you a hard time, or are they cool about the whole process?


We have personally had success through both eBay and Craigslist…


I love ebay and craigslist. CL isnt what it use to be, but ive bought atv’s surfboards, scuba gear, all on cl. Even sold a bunch of stuff.


X2, craigslist isnt what it once was, but ive found some good deals everyone and a while


I bought my kawi on ebay. A dealer in Illionois put a great deal out there for me. Even with shipping, well worth it.


I don’t do much buying or selling anymore but primary was always CL. Post in multiple areas near you…last car I sold on there was a guy 200 miles away that saw the ad.


Just watch out for tire kickers and time wasters. Qualify them over the phone and require a deposit before a test drive